Home page setup with Shopify Sections

With the District 2.0 update we introduced support for Shopify's new section features to easily customize your store's home page content.  Now you can add, reorder, and remove content on your home page using the theme's built in sections.  The section building blocks allow you to easily customize your store's design with the easy to use new theme editor.

For more information on how to use the new editor, read Shopify's guide on Theme sections

New theme editor

In the new theme editor you will find new Sections and General settings tabs.  The Sections tab is where you can customize global sections like promotional, header and footer as well as the option to use the Add section option to add more sections to the home page.  As you browse your shop in the theme editor preview, you will see the section tab change giving you options to edit the product, collection, search, cart, blog and more templates.  The General settings tab is where you can edit the site wide options like colors, social media integration, currency convertors and more.

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