Backing up theme files and settings

There will be times when you might want to install a new Shopify App or even make changes to the theme's code.  Before you start making changes to the theme's code, we highly recommend that you duplicate your current live theme and make changes to the duplicate.  That way you can fully test any changes or new apps on an unpublished version of the theme before you go live to your customers.

Additionally, duplicating your theme on Shopify is a great way to create unique seasonal layouts, slideshows and colors for Christmas, Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Then after the holiday you can always republish your original version of the theme.

How to back up your entire Shopify store

If you need to back up your entire store including products, blog posts, customer, orders, themes, collections and much more, we highly recommend the Rewind - Backups for Shopify app.  Their app automates the process to securely back up your entire store and even roll back to previous changes if you accidentally delete a product, remove your theme or erase all your customers.

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