Featured lookbook

The featured lookbook section gives you an easy way to recreate the lookbook preview found on the District demo shop.  This section starts you off with an icon, full width image and followed by a customizable button.

Layout Options

  • Heading - Set the title for the optional section, or you can leave the heading blank to go without a title at the top of the section
  • Button label and button link - Set both options to automatically show a larger button at the very bottom of the section

Content Blocks

  • Icon - Add this block to set an image that is limited to 160px wide. Optionally add a link.
  • Image - Add this block to upload an image that can go as wide as the site's content (1180px) or it can be set to fill the full browser width.  Optionally add a link.

For best results, icons should be limited to 200px wide and images should be either 1180px wide or 1600px wide if you are using the full browser width option.

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