Customize both the Collection pages and Collection list pages settings to change the number of products per page, placement of the collection image and create a sidebar using the content blocks.


  • Number of products on each page - Choose between showing 12, 24, 36 or 48 products at a time per page.  Currently Shopify limits the maximum number of products per page to 50, but we go as high as 48 in the theme settings since it works well with 4, 3 and 2 products in each row.
  • Collection image placement - Choose if the featured image for each collection should be hidden, shown after the collection title, after the navigation (header) or after the navigation (header) at full browser width.
  • Enable sorting - Turns on the sort by best selling, featured, alphabetical, most recent, price and more.
  • Enable grid and list views - Check this option to turn on the buttons to toggle the list and grid views

Content Blocks

  • Sidebar menu - Add blocks to choose menus to show in the sidebar
  • Sidebar tags - Adds the ability to show all the product tags in a collection
    • Show tags as - Choose if the tags should be show and buttons side by side or using the same styling as the menus
    • Enable tag grouping - Using a special and unique tag format Category_Tag the theme will automatically group your tags into categories.  
      For example, if your collection has Color_Red, Color_Black, Color_White, Material_Cotton, and Material_Wool tags this theme update will group all the color and material options together.

How to remove the collection sidebar

In order to remove the collection sidebar, simply delete each of the content blocks listed in the Collection pages settings.  Once all of the content blocks have been deleted the layout will change showing four products across each row.

How to filter the collection by color, material, size, brand or more

  1. Add a Sidebar tags content block to the sidebar
  2. Check the Enable tag grouping option
  3. Now for each of your products add tags using the Category_Tag format.  For example you could add Color_Red, Color_Black, Material_Cotton, Size_Small, Size_Medium, Size_Large to a single product.

  4. After you set up your product tags, the collection sidebar should group your tags into the various categories.  Using the example above the Color, Material and Size categories will be created

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