Edit the Article page settings to customize how the blog posts should appear, the placement of the article image, and add content to create a sidebar.


  • Show blog title - Show the title of the overall blog (not the article title) at the very top of the page layout
  • Article image placement - Choose if the article image should be shown before or after the article title
  • Show author
  • Show date
  • Center article title - If checked the titles will be centered, otherwise they will be left aligned

Content Blocks

Set up and create a sidebar for all the articles by adding content blocks.  After you add the various blocks you can easily reorder them by dragging the blocks.  Note: you will need to set up the sidebar blocks in both the Article page and Blog page settings.

  • Sidebar image - Upload an image and set an optional link for the image
  • Sidebar recent posts - Show the most recent 3-6 and toggle the post dates
  • Sidebar menu - Choose a menu to load into the sidebar
  • Sidebar tags - Show a list of article tags from the entire blog
  • Sidebar RSS - Add the RSS link
  • Sidebar HTML - Advanced option to manually insert HTML for widgets or other 3rd party code

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