Support Policy

You and your shop are important to us. We want your business to be a smashing success and with that goal in mind, we are thrilled to help you with any questions you have about setting up your theme and configuring it to achieve the look and feel that makes you and your brand unique.

When you contact us, your message is treated as high importance and we begin crafting a thoughtful, detailed response as quickly as possible. You can contact us directly at and we'll get to work!

It's our goal to respond to you within 24 hours but please allow 1-2 business days for a response as we are offline on weekends doing some amazing things. More often than not, you will receive a response within a few hours if you contact us during normal business hours Monday through Friday. 

For any issues impacting your shop's availability or any other issues you deem an emergency or critical to your business, please contact Shopify support -

For a status on Shopify systems and incident tracking, visit -

Our premium theme support includes the following:

  • General questions on theme features and technical functionality.
  • Help with setting up and configuring your theme settings.
  • Shopify issues related to a fresh installation of one of our themes.
  • Prompt bug fixes once a theme bug has been identified. We will provide a fix and immediately update the theme for all customers to access.
  • Support for all Shopify Guides verified to work with sectioned themes.
  • In cases where a custom development solution is required, we'll provide details as to why and even provide recommendations related to minor theme customizations and app recommendations.

Our premium theme support does not include:

  • Shopify administration or native Shopify functionality which is handled by Shopify Support.
  • Custom development or custom design work which can better be handled by a Shopify Expert
  • Installation, configuration or troubleshooting related to third-party apps, including those in the official Shopify app store.
  • Design or layout changes beyond simple updates that can be made within the theme options.
  • Upgrading themes.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) issues, conversion rate optimization (CRO) issues or similar.
  • Page speed or other issues.
  • Installing or troubleshooting issues with Google Merchant Center, Google Analytics, Google AdWords remarketing tags, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixels or other third-party analytics or tracking code.
  • Technical support for older versions of our themes is limited. Upgrading to the latest version is always recommended and may be required for us to provide technical support.

theme customization is considered to be anything that directly modifies the original template files of the default theme. When editing your template files from within the Template Editor, you can easily revert to older versions by clicking on the Older Versions link to revert any changes that have been made.

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