Instagram feed

Easily add your brand's most recent Instagram images to your homepage.  All you need to do is generate your Instagram access token from our website at

The Instagram feed section will automatically show your most recent 6, 12 or 24 images based on the section settings.

Layout Options

  • Heading - Set the title for the optional section, or you can leave the heading blank to go without a title at the top of the section
  • Show button and button label - Choose if the section should display a button linking to your Instagram account, as well as the text for the button.  The link is automatically generated using your Instagram access token.
  • Instagram access token - Generate your access token at
  • Images - Choose between showing 6, 12 or 24 images in the section

What does Style Hatch do with my information?

Our simple application only helps you generate an access token for your store using our theme. We do not save any of your information. The application only has permission from Instagram to read your basic, public information—your media and profile info. We do not have the ability to post to your account, edit or delete any of your posts, follow accounts or like posts for you.

Help, I'm not seeing my latest Instagram shots when I refresh the page.

The Instagram feed delay you're seeing when you reload the shop is actually a pretty awesome feature! By caching the Instagram data we can cut down dramatically on the number of requests your shop makes to Instagram. Instagram only allows 5000 requests per hour, which you could technically run out of if you have a handful of customers refresh the browser a bunch of times. Since we cache that data, new visitors will always see the absolute latest images, and anytime they refresh the home page it does not count towards Instagram's 5000 request limit.

Otherwise, if you have fairly decent traffic and run out of the 5,000 requests in an hour your Instagram feed could technically stop working and disappear for everyone until a new hour rolls around with another set of 5,000 requests.

We tell your browser to hang onto the feed's data for 12 hours, and once that time is up your browser will ask Instagram for a fresh copy of the feed data—and cache it again. We have the caching disabled in the theme editor so that way you can be certain it's working.