How do I update my theme?

We frequently update our themes to include new options, support for new Shopify features, improvements and bug fixes.  In most cases, if you have edited your theme files, added any Shopify Apps or made any custom changes you will need to manually update the theme to the latest version.  

With our themes, you can always download and install the updated versions for free as long as you are using the same Shopify account.

Read Shopify's guide on how to download and install an up-to-date copy of your theme

Why are there no automatic updates on themes in Shopify?

“This is because themes are often customized by merchants, and automatic updates would overwrite those customizations. Software and apps can be routinely updated, but themes are designed to be customizable by you to suit your needs and reflect your brand. If we ran automatic updates on themes, you would lose all of your customizations.”
Shopify updating themes manual

Recently Shopify has started to introduce some automatic theme updates when we publish theme changes.  You shop will automatically be updated if you have not modified any of the theme's files and the update does not include any changes to the settings menu.

How do I know what version I am on?

In the theme editor, you can click on the dropdown menu to see the theme version, links to documentation, support, edit code and edit languages.

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