Theme Customizations and Tweaks

With our theme support, we are more than happy to walk you through the details of the theme, explain how it works with Shopify, make recommendations and help you get the most out of your theme.  We built and designed our themes with features that you can easily customize using Shopify's theme editor and built-in functionality.  

In some situations, you might want to tweak or customize your theme to introduce a unique feature or design to your shop. In a lot of cases, these tweaks and customizations would go beyond what we can offer with support.  Here are some common requests that would fall outside of our theme support:

  • removing or modifying theme elements
  • changing colors and font sizes
  • hiding or modifying theme elements on mobile
  • showing or hiding elements based on the collection, tag, product type or other variables
  • implementing global tabs or other content
  • installing, troubleshooting or removing third-party apps
  • adding fields to contact forms
  • implementing Facebook, Google or any third-party tracking pixels or scripts
  • creating images, photos or slideshow designs

You can always email us with your list of customizations, and we will do what we can with theme support.  However, for tweaks that go beyond support we recommend the following providers:

  • Task Husky - Customize and tweak your Shopify store from $39
  • Storetasker - Storetasker is for Store Owners, Agencies, Developers and designers of Shopify. Fast, easy and expert support directly from your Shopify dashboard.
  • Shopify Experts - Directory of store setup experts, developers, designers, and photographers vetted and recommended by Shopify
  • Shopify Experts Tasks - List of affordable common tasks Shopify Experts can help out with

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