Setting Up Campaign Monitor with District

Installing Campaign Monitor for your shop running District is quick and easy. The app is free and available in the Shopify App Store.

  1. Signup for a Campaign Monitor account.
  2. If you already have a Campaign Monitor account, install the Campaign Monitor for Shopify app.

Once you complete the quick, simple integration, your Shopify data flows seamlessly into your Campaign Monitor list. Leverage pre-built segments to send targeted campaigns. Campaign Monitor provides customized segments out of the box, including newsletter signups, high spenders, first-time customers, and repeat customers, so you can automatically trigger campaigns based on customer behavior. No code required. Choose from dozens of mobile-ready email templates and leverage an intuitive email builder to send modern, branded email campaigns in minutes that look great across every desktop client and mobile device.

For more details on the Campaign Monitor for Shopify app visit - for step-by-step installation instructions.

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