In the Shopify theme editor, when you browse to an individual product page you will see District's options to edit the Product pages settings.


  • Show vendor - Click to show the product vendor or brand directly below the product title.
  • Product variant style - Choose if the product variants should appear as dropdowns, buttons or swatches. 
  • Show swatch images - This option allows for custom images to be used when the Swatches variant style is selected. For best results, we recommend using 100 x 100px images in PNG format. Learn more about uploading custom swatch images.
  • Swatch shape - Choose if the swatch shape should appear as a circle or square.
  • Size guide content - Choose a page to use as a size guide.
  • Show quantity selector - Click to show the quantity ( - / + ) option to customers.
  • Show dynamic checkout button - This option enables dynamic checkout buttons. Your customers can skip the cart and go directly to the checkout. Customers can choose to check out with Shopify, or with another familiar accelerated checkout method. 
  • Show product details background - Click to show the content box color behind the title, price, variants and add to cart button. With this option unchecked the box padding is removed and the options appear on the primary background color.

  • Enable image slider - This option turns on a mobile-friendly slideshow that can be swiped and dragged to rotate through the product images.
  • Show slider dots - Display dots below the featured image for each image and highlights the current active image.
  • Show previous and next arrows - Add buttons to the left and right to allow visitors the ability to manually click next and back.
  • Thumbnail placement - Choose if the product thumbnails should appear to the left or right of the product image, below the image or be hidden altogether.
  • Group thumbnails - This option will automatically group any thumbnail images into a single row or column.
  • Enable zoom - This option turns on a high-resolution product zoom feature that allows your customers to see a close up of the product details.  To fully take advantage of this feature, your product images should be at least 1000 x 1000px or ideally as high as 2048 x 2048px.
  • Enable lightbox - Turns on the lightbox option to overlay a higher resolution version of the image. The lightbox feature also gives customers the ability to click next / back buttons or their keyboard to view all the images.
  • Show previous and next links - Click to show the previous and next links in the upper right-hand corner to navigate to the next or previous product.
  • Checkout badge image - This option allows for the uploading of a custom checkout badge image that will display directly beneath the Add to cart and if enabled the dynamic checkout buttons as well as the footer. For best results, your badge image should be at least 600 x 50px.
  • Show social sharing buttons - Turns on Facebook's recommend and like, Twitter's tweet, Pinterest's save, Google Plus' +1, and Fancy's save buttons. You can customize which buttons you want to use in General Settings > Social Media
    Note: In the Theme Editor preview window, not all of the buttons will display and work inside the iframe preview. For security reasons, Facebook prevents the button from appearing inside iframes.  Once you view your shop directly in the browser it will appear as expected.

Product Descriptions

The product description can be split into two parts by adding <!-- split -->  to the content in the rich text editor in the Shopify admin. The first part of the description will appear below the add to cart box and the second part will appear centered and wide below the product images and cart box. Learn more about splitting product descriptions.

Product Recommendations

Show dynamic product recommendations using Shopify's product recommendation algorithm to show the most relevant products based on the products a customer is interacting with. The feature uses sales data and product descriptions to show other products that are similar or frequently purchased together.  Read more details on how Product Recommendations work on Shopify.

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